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SoundPackager brings customization of your auditory experience to Windows!
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10 February 2009

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You might have noticed that your system plays sounds for every Windows events. But, assigning a different sound for these, require users to edit every system sound individually, which is time consuming. How would it be, if you could get an easier way of performing the task? For this, you would just have to try SoundPackager 1.20, which is a pack of themes based sounds for applying to different Windows events, like startup, shutdown, errors, etc. You can easily apply the themes, and the relevant sounds are automatically applied to the system events. You would enjoy the different fun sounds being assigned on your PC and need not get bored of hearing the same sounds every time.

The elegantly designed interface of SoundPackager 1.20 is accompanied by a sophisticated feature-set. On the program main screen you can find options for More Packages, and Advanced. Welcome screen of the application displays the basic information related to the application. Next moving to the Packages tab, you get the list of the sound packages available for applying to your system. You can select and apply any of the given packages, and even get new package, or import, copy or remove package, as required. It also lets you easily roll back to the changes with ‘Restore Defaults’ option. ‘More Packages’ button allows users to Get More Packages from internet to customize your system sounds with the desired package. You can easily add new packages with the program and apply them to your PC. Further, you get ‘Advanced’, which allows you to choose the Package Directory for storing the sound packages, and also can enable the feature to ‘Apply SoundPackage after Editing’. The Package Editor provided by the program supports making necessary selections relating Package Sounds, Package Info, and Package Sound Files, for altering the way they’re applied to your system.

SoundPackager 1.20 lets you customize your system sounds in effortless manner, with its theme based sounds package. Owing to its combination of effectual feature-set along with quick and impressive performance, the program has been rated with 3.5 rating points.

Publisher's description

SoundPackager makes customizing your sound experience in Windows easy!
Before SoundPackager, users would need to edit each system sound assignment individually using the default Windows dialog to select a sound for over thirty different events (such as startup, shutdown, close, minimize, errors, etc.) one-by-one. Not only was this time consuming, but in addition users were also forced to hunt down similar sounds to assign for each event.
With SoundPackager all of this becomes much easier. Sound packages come as a single file.
SoundPackager opens the files containing sounds that are tailored to a theme (such as football, space, etc.). So now, when you apply a theme, 30+ sound events for Windows are updated to your favorite theme automatically! No more searching for sounds and assigning them each individually.
In addition, SoundPackager makes changing your mind easy. Switching packages is one click away. And when you want to take a break from the excitement, a single click restores the Windows default sounds. Simple. Elegant. Powerful.
Version 1.20
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